Red Carpet Jewellery Design Reaches The High Street

Fashion designers are increasingly turning to the high street to get their designs seen and worn by the public. It is not a new phenomenon to see high profile designers develop their own lines for big name department stores; it is a perfect relationship in truth. The designers benefit from the public exposure of having their creations hang in storerooms everywhere and the high street is able to showcase cutting edge fashion that they can retail to the masses. Recent trends in accessories have brought jewellery to the forefront with many jewellery retailers seeking designers to create their own ranges to be showcased in their stores and online.Today Gold rate in Malaysia 18th December 2021

Although the commissioning of jewellery designers by big brands is not unknown to the industry, it is a relatively new phenomenon as more fashion designers break out into jewellery to complement their own fashion lines buy gold in dubai. The conventional perception of jewellery designers is that they are artists producing hand-crafted designs in small workshops. While this is certainly still the case for many designers, the environment is changing as designers see the advantages of teaming up with larger retailers. There aren’t a lot of jewellery retailers out there that sell designer jewellery but it is an up and coming area and fashionistas everywhere should keep their eyes peeled for more designer names in jewellery on the high street.

For years we have watched celebrities walk down the red carpet flashing their latest threads, but now interviewers are not only asking who designed their dress, but who designed their jewellery. Staring at the camera close-up of the 6 carat diamond drop earrings with necklace to match or the funkier mulit-coloured precious stone pieces we have seen lately, we know that there is no way that we could shell out the half-a-million dollar price tags that hang from these pieces. But in fact, most celebrities haven’t paid a penny; usually these exquisite pieces are on loan. If only we could be so lucky!

Fortunately, retailers have taken notice of our desires plus the size of the average purse and are commissioning designers to create the same high fashion lines for a fraction of the cost, making such jewellery more accessible than ever. Many jewellery retailers such as Astley Clark and Tiffany and Co have teamed up with jewellery designers to create unique lines in their own style to be sold at these retailers. Some lines have become very strong such as Paloma Picasso’s designs featured at Tiffany & Co. Her distinctive style has a clear following and has become synonymous with the Tiffany brand further strengthening their customer base.

I have been designing jewellery for many years and I love to use beautiful semi-precious gemstones in my unique jewellery designs. By making my own jewellery I can create unusual and unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else.

I look to nature for inspiration for my handmade jewellery designs both in the choosing of the colours and for the shapes in the designs. By looking in your garden or taking a walk in the country you will be inspired to create your own unique piece of handmade semi-precious jewellery.

First you have to choose what piece you would like to create, necklace, earrings or a bracelet. Then the colours you would like your piece. When you have done this then you have to decide on which semi-precious gemstone beads you would like. I love to mix my gemstone beads with other handmade beads made from glass, pearls and always crystal beads to add a little sparkle to my handmade designs.

You need to decide if you would like a focal point for the designs and a semi-precious gemstone pendant will work for this and these are available in many shapes and sizes. You do not need a focal point as if you are feeling confident you can go for an asymmetrical design but remember that you have to get the weight balance right or your piece will not sit correctly so this type of design might be better left until you feel more confident.

I find that a bead tray is very useful when creating a unique jewellery design as you can lay out your semi-precious beads in order without them rolling all over the table and you can see the length of your design as it grows. This way allows you to move the beads into the order you desire before you actually string them.

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