How Positive Thinking Preserves Your Lottery Winnings

There are many horror stories floating around the media about lottery winners losing all their winnings. These dreadful stories have actually created a scare amongst the public to the point numerous people will not play the lottery. It is a culture phenomenon to talk about lottery winners, and the good and bad consequences created from winning the lottery. As a result, a new reality television show on The Learning Channel features lottery winners and how their lives changed dramatically. Some of the stories produced are about the luxurious lifestyles of the lottery winners, where are they now, and what have they done with the money or are the winners broke. One main difference between the stories of winners who lost the entire winning jackpot and the winners who still have their money is the power of positive thinking.Mystical numbers in life and lucky lottery numbers. - TheLotterClub - World  Lotteries Online

It has been referred to as the “lottery curse.” This is where lottery winners suddenly find themselves in negative situations, unhappy, and tend to claim bankruptcy losing everything. However, what is not mentioned is how many of these people were happy prior to the winnings Keluaran Sgp. Were winners positive thinkers before the lottery or have these people always had negative demeanors? Generally, those who were positive in their own lives prior to claiming their winnings continued to live happy lives after obtaining the money. So if you are playing the lottery, want to win then it is never too late to start positive thinking.

The first step is imagining your future. If you are able to visualize your future, what it will be like, what you shall own, eat, where you shall reside, then you will remain a happy person until the day you win it big. For putting the emphasis on what you shall have and not what you are lacking seems to place people in a winning mindset. Athletes do it all the time. They visualize themselves scoring the winning touchdown. So why not utilize the same method towards playing the lottery?

Think positively even when you are on your way to the lotto store. If you begin thinking the walk to the lotto store is too far, don’t wish to stand in line at the store or you have no desire to get off the couch, then you have already defeated yourself before you even picked any lotto numbers. You must think positive from the moment you decide to play the lottery until the day you win. If you don’t, then you are sinking in a doom of negativity, which does not help anyone win anything not even the lotto.

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