Do You Know Cartooning Can Be a Great Career?

Cartoon drawing is an amazing hobby. You can spend many beautiful hours by engaging in cartoon making. But it is not just that, it can also be a very lucrative career if you are good. So if you are in cartoon drawing but have never thought it to be anything more than just a pastime now is time to take fresh looks. Because you already have the skill that can make a very good career.10 90s Anime Series That Will Make You Nostalgic For Your Childhood

By just being a bit more serious, by polishing and enhancing your skills you can have a career that can get you enough money and a lot of fun from your work itself เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์.Assuming you are serious or would be so in near future, I will give some tips here in this article that will positively help you to be a highly paid cartoonist.

Make figure drawing your focus area. No matter how efficient you are in drawing landscapes and props to be a professional cartoonist you will require high level of figure drawing skills. What follows is a list of five elements that are most crucial for a professional cartoonist who want to make it really big.

There is little chance of being a good figure artist without being aware of human anatomy. True, cartoon figures are hardly prepared following true human proportions and structure. But before breaking a rule you must know the rule very well. So before creating figured that is really cartoony you have to be aware of realistic human figure details. It is not actually that difficult as it may sound just grab a school level anatomy book and give a thorough reading don’t concentrate on small details. If required read it second or third time and know that in course of time you will form a quite clear idea of human anatomical details just by doing this.

kids are most voracious consumers of cartoon stuffs. And no wonder there are kids everywhere in cartoon world. So as an aspiring professional cartoonist you should be devoting enough time to pick up kid drawing skills. People all over the world love kids and their representation in cartoon forms, so you’re certainly going to get lot of fun and amusement by concentrating on this work.

Almost always you will be drawing cartoons to tell an enticing story. As you can imagine in a story the protagonists hardly sit idle, so in your composition you will be required to present motion and action. Be sure you practice a lot to be proficient in this essential area that is creating the sense of motion. The use of motion lines, the typical postures of action –everything is important to tell an engaging story. So be sure to sharpen your skill set in this area.

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