Choosing an Airsoft Gun

Choosing an Airsoft Gun


Although there are only 3 types of Airsoft guns available, gas, electric and spring, each type has different versions with added features and extras. Making a decision on the type of Airsoft gun to purchase will ultimately depend .458 socom ammo  on the reason you want the gun, whether it is for practicing shooting at targets or playing in a game with other players.

Spring Airsoft Guns or Rifles are the easiest type of Airsoft gun to use, pull back the slide which compresses the spring and the gun is ready to shoot. These guns are great for target practice, relatively cheap to buy and there is no need for gas or charging it up to make it work. On the other hand it has to be ‘reloaded’ each time it is fired (like a shotgun/rifle) so isn’t very suitable for games where speed is the main factor. Airsoft Gas Guns are generally for the more serious gun enthusiasts and as they operate by a gas driven mechanism powered either by carbon dioxide and/or green gas have to be refilled each time.

Be aware too that if conditions are very cold, gas guns won’t work. The Electric Airsoft Guns and Electric Powered BB Guns, (also known as AEG) are the most popular Airsoft guns on the market today and the perfect choice for games. Made in Japan, they have a rechargeable battery used to power the electric motor that enables the inner mechanism to discharge the pellets. They can be fired continually and are great for games. Another advantage to the electric guns is they often have high capacity magazines that can hold hundreds of BBs.

When selecting your gun you should keep in mind the following:

How long the gun could be expected to last? With some TLC and the correct maintenance guns can last for many years. Its durability will also depend on the quality of the gun and the material it’s made from; plastic won’t last as long as metal and breaks easier but is a cheaper option.

Precision is decided by the bore, length and quality of the inner barrel. Precision inner barrels can be purchased in a variety of lengths and bore diameters in order to improve the predisposition of the BB and make it return to the same targeted spot each time the trigger is pulled.

If the gun is damaged it can prove costly to have to replace it so take into consideration whether parts can be replaced inexpensively or even upgraded thus improving the quality of your gun at a fraction of the cost.

Think about the accessories you might want to buy to go with your g


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