Is It Possible To Kill People With A BB Gun?

 Is It Possible To Kill People With A BB Gun?


Many have heard about the famous Chuck Norris joke, which said once Chuck Norris had killed two people with a single bullet using his bb gun, sitting in one corner of a round room.  .38 special ammo Well, this joke may sound funny to many people but in reality the air soft guns, more commonly known to the world as the guns are fit for killing humans if they are used in combination with the steel bullets.

Most of the bb guns available in the market are legal when it comes to using them and a person who is above the age of 17 years can easily use a bb gun. However, such air soft guns are particularly risky when steel bullets or shots are used instead of simple rubber or plastic bullets.

Often bb guns are used by people for targeting practice and most of the famous models of guns like the Daisy Model 25 etc are available in the market easily. However, they are not sold to minors and are only used by people who are interested in hunting or simple target practice. Today, bb guns are also available on the internet as well. Most of the famous models of the guns use plastic or rubber bullets, which are often known by the name of the bb bullets or the plinkers of a gun. Most of the guns use the pumping action mechanism used in actual shotguns and hence they are particularly powerful for killing small animals.

Well, killing humans with bb guns might sound a bit funny, but I would rather request my readers not to try any sort of such stupid jokes on any person. You may not be able to kill that person using the rubber plinkers of the gun but in case you try to shoot the bullets at your friends, then the results can be fatal and your friend may get seriously injured. Most of the bullets being similar to the shells of the 1900s Winchester shotgun are quite deadly if they are shot from a close range.



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