If you’re offering SaaS (Software as a Service) and you are having trouble in marketing and promotion, here are some helpful suggestions to promote it and start earning money from it:

1. You should provide an initial account for free to encourage new sign-ups. Once they’ve tried the service and found a liking, they are more apt to upgrade to premium models.

2. It is recommended to have at minimum two levels of upgrades. Everybody doesn’t want to upgrade to the highest level and psychology experts advise that 1 level below the top’ is the most well-known alternative.

3. Find a vacant spot in your field and Change failure rate determine that. Is your service the easiest to use, the fastest, or safest? You must find out your unique advantage that differentiates it. Speak about it.

4. Maintain a blog and publish regular blog posts. Here are some ideas if you cannot understand what you should write about: what made you decide to initiate the service, which are your top people who use it (not names, but the type or segment) What number of users have signed up What tools have you used in development and why, why are you still in beta or what made you decide to get from beta? Which websites or publications have spoken about the service (thank to them)? Share something about the expertise of your team on this field – do you happen to be CPA or CA? There are a myriad of topics to post about.

5. The blog’s URL is accessible from their account home page. This is crucial to maintain a consistent dialog with your existing clients without sending out emails every so often.

6. Put a feedback page on each account’s homepage page. You can ask them their thoughts on their most preferred or frequently used features. Also , ask the users what their biggest pet peeves are and get them to sort them out. You’ll be surprised discover the results. What you’ve been heavily promoting may just not matter the most factor for them.

7. Make sure you do some the basic SEO of your site. Your site must be found before they are able to sign-up.

8. Run some low cost promotions. Advertise in the industry magazines. Include ads on industry blogs.

9. Use very targeted ads using AdWords and Facebook. This can cost you money but will get some quick sign-ups. It will also assist you identify a good marketing pitch by running A/B split tests of the website’s copy.

10. It’s not like marketing is free. Even SEO. It’s basically trading both time as well as money.

11. It is necessary to market even the free ones. No more are the days of “Build the foundation and then they’ll follow”.

12. Find some influential advocates who are willing to discuss your software on their blog, site or in forums.

13. Run an affiliate program. Affiliates can effectively advertise your product and are required to be paid when the sale is completed. Make sure you provide them with lots of marketing materials.

14. Create presentations to various chambers of commerce or Internet users’ groups (NeN, TiE, Nasscom chapters) on the benefits from your product. Don’t make it pitchy and only provide a brief blurb at the end.

This will help you get started and build momentum in the marketing of the SaaS. Best wishes

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