Consuming the wrong food during and after your workout has a great impact on your health and fitness. Why would you want to waste time? …Exercising isn’t that difficult to be a challenge . This article will explain how eating right and exercising are so important.

We’ll go by one step at time.

Whether a high intensity or low intensity workout ensure you’re balancing your protein and carbohydrate intake accordingly. This “percentage split” depends on whether or not you are planning to do 먹튀 cardio or resistance training and what degree of intensity.

You should plan your day so that you eat your breakfast within an hour before you begin your workout. 200 calories is sufficient for a light exercise. If you’re performing an intense cardio workout then anywhere between 4000 and 5000 calories will see you through your workout with ease.

The appropriate percentage split for training in cardio, should be 2/3 carbs and 1/3 protein. This will guarantee that you’ll get sufficient energy and endurance from carbohydrates to keep your body active. Protein is a fuel for your muscles and prevents keep them from breaking down when training.

For resistance training , it is recommended to change this ratio to 1/3 carbohydrates and 2/3 protein. This way, you’ll have ample carbohydrates, giving you sufficient energy to finish each exercise. The extra protein ensures your muscle breakdown stays to the minimum.

After training, eating a healthy meal is just as important as eating a meals prior to your workout. If you’re doing resistance or cardio, your glycogen levels have been depleted. Glycogen is the fuel your brain and nervous system run around on… Therefore, you must replace it quickly following training. If you don’t, your body starts dissolving the muscle in order to convert it into amino acids for fuel.

After exercising take 5-10 minutes to rest before eating a carbohydrate rich meal of 30 to 50grams (per portion) comprised of three types of carbohydrates.

When you are training for the resistance you need to be patient for at least 30 minutes before eating. This allows the blood to stay in the muscles for repair work on the micro-tears, rather than rushing out to digest your food. A mixture of carbohydrates and proteins should then be consumed.

A few people are eating properly when exercising, but if you adhere to my tips, you’ll definitely stay ahead of the herd.

Tips: Consider a detoxification program. It’ll keep your body functioning at its maximum conversion efficiency. In truth, it’s an unfair advantage and skyrockets the results of any diet or workout program.

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