Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies

If you’re looking for new ways to generate leads, it is crucial to have an effective program that’s designed to improve brand awareness, establish relationships, and generate qualified leads. The higher the quality of the leads, the better – and in turn, more sales. Lead generation programs are an excellent way to increase brand awareness, increase sales, and build credibility within the marketing department and your revenue team. If you’re looking for a proven method to generate leads, consider the strategies listed below.Lead Generation Guide to Generating Sales Leads for Your Business (Updated  2022) - Swordfish

Influencer marketing

One of the best ways to use influencers in your lead generation campaigns is to leverage their own blogs. lead generation The next time your business posts something relevant to an influencer’s blog, it will be displayed alongside a link to your website. Not only will this increase traffic and sales, but it will also provide quality backlinks that can help with SEO and search rankings. Furthermore, 56% of consumers will purchase a product or service that is endorsed by an influencer.

You can easily identify B2B influencers by checking their social media accounts, industry news, newsletters, and podcasts. For example, you can follow Rand Fishkin, who publishes on SEO, or check out the content of a popular online community. You can also evaluate influencers using tools like Traackr and Onalytica. This way, you can select those who will best represent your brand.

Blog posts

Blog posts are the lifeblood of any content marketing strategy. You need to write enticing posts that get eyeballs on your lead magnet. Here are a few tips for writing enticing blog posts. A compelling headline will attract readers and drive traffic. If you’re struggling to come up with a compelling headline, read on for more writing tips. You can also try incorporating your lead magnet into your blog posts.

OptinMonster is a free conversion tracking service that tracks the most popular blog posts. Once you’ve determined the most popular posts, you can create content upgrades. These lead magnets are designed specifically for that blog post, and they convert 5X higher than the rest of your blog content. This way, you can easily generate new leads without spending a dime. Once you’ve made a few blog posts, use content upgrades to drive traffic to your site.


Videos are a powerful tool to generate leads for your business. If your target market is interested in the product you’re selling, creating a product demo or a tutorial video can increase your product’s awareness and generate leads. Product tutorial videos can also educate viewers about the features, purposes, and usage of your product. You can also convert your video into a lead generation tool by incorporating a content gate. The content gate requires the viewer to provide contact information in exchange for additional information. You can also include ordering capabilities on your content gate.

Video viewers expect a specific experience when they click on a link, so they should be guided through your marketing funnel to become leads. A simple call-to-action can direct viewers to your website. A video introduction is a good way to get people interested in your product, while an informative video about your company’s history and mission can encourage viewers to sign up for your email list. Videos can help you create trust and build leads.


If you are interested in generating leads through podcasts, you must create a good incentive for your listeners. Here are some tips:

Most listeners are passive, and podcasts are no exception. If done right, podcasts can create a foundation of trust and position the host as an expert in their field. Listeners enjoy listening to podcasts, and you can leverage this to your advantage. Podcasts also can improve your search engine rankings. Podcasts are a great tool to create trust with your audience, which is vital to lead generation. A well-done podcast can also drive new contacts into your email list.

When it comes to using podcasts for lead generation, the best way to generate leads is to tailor your content to your ideal listeners. Create a content series that is relevant to your prospects’ needs. Try targeting decision makers, influencers, and buyers. Then, wrap up your podcast with a final CTA that targets the right demographic. In the same way, make sure to offer additional content as a bonus. You don’t want to leave your audience hanging, so provide value first.

Trade shows

Among the best methods for generating leads at trade shows is the use of in-booth giveaways. Trade show attendees are drawn to companies that give away something of value, such as a pen. These giveaways encourage attendees to enter their information in exchange for something of value (such as a business card or branded flash drive).

Virtual trade shows, however, have proven ineffective for lead generation. While trade shows remain a good source of leads, sales representatives will have difficulty digging through the mix of other leads if they don’t match their company’s product. The solution to this dilemma is to invest in modern marketing functions and monetize them as lead generation opportunities. These new technologies can be used to optimize trade shows for lead generation and help companies leverage their ROI.

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