Steer the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter

Being able to steer the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter is pure fun because you must adjust the tilt of any device’s compatible Apple device controller to change directions. Your enjoyment is enhanced due to the stunning video images that you can enjoy and the movement of the touchscreen used to increase speed and acceleration.

One of the revolutionary attributes of the Parrot Drone Helicopter is its method to steer it. A visible technological first, it’s the first machine to be controlled by fully complete gadgets, such as the I-phone (I-pod touch), I-pad or I-phone that Lorelai | use wireless connectivity. It is simple to understand that the machine operates by tilting the wireless apple controller for changing direction, increasing and speed by using the touch as well as the accelerometer on the controller. But, this can only be achieved by installing an application called AR Free flight application and placing the controller in Airplane mode.

There are numerous sensors in the hull that forms the center of the AR drone of Parrot Helicopter to aid in steering the machine as well as its overall motion control. This includes the mini Inertial Measurement Unit that is in conjunction and with the High Speed camera located at the lower part on the machine. These inertial measurements permit to automatically stabilize the aircraft using pitch, yaw and roll movements like the ones used for the balancing of ships at sea. They also aid in the effectiveness of tilting movement, so far as it is wireless operating. These in-built technologies make it simple to steer the machine in all sorts of movements and also be able to control it easily after bumping into foreign bodies.

Here are step-by procedure instructions to help easily steer through your Parrot AR Drone Helicopter to provide a pleasant flight experience.

* Ensure that the batteries on your machine and on your controller device are fully charged throughout the day.

• Download The AR free flight app from the I-tunes store online. Download it to your Apple Ipod touch or I-phone.

* Turn you Apple controller device to “Airplane” mode.

• Turn on your Drone device and make sure that your network has been activated.

Turn on the Wi-fi on your controller device and join the network within of the device.

* By activating your Free Flight app within the network’s range would automatically synchronize both devices.

Just a single click at the trigger button on the middle of your controller’s display brings the Drone up to speed. With no action or action, the Parrot AR Drone helicopter will leap up to a few feet above the ground, waiting for control to direct it to a higher point and higher.

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