When you Learn Piano, Stay Focused and Motivated

It is alright if you are fascinated by piano and are eager to learn piano, but do not commit hara-kiri by rushing into things as playing a piano is an art and it requires patience on the part of the player. You didn’t start to run straight away and fell a few times before you could even stand up. So how can you expect to play piano in a few hours? Some people feel daunted by the keys of the piano which are quite a few in numbers. Forget everything else, just relax and think that you are there to have some fun. Once you adopt this attitude, you will find that despite making funny sounds, you have started to learn and eventually, you will learn to strike the right keys.Piano Lessons in Kenmore — Henderson Academy of Music

Positioning in front of the piano is an important aspect which many students overlook and get fed up when they fail to play the piano. Always sit in the middle so that you can reach out for all the keys with both hands and do not have to over stretch which will exhaust you 初學鋼琴推薦. Sitting posture is another important factor which has made many students leave learning piano in between. Sitting upright on the piano seat is necessary to avoid any posture related problems as well as to maintain your concentration. To learn piano effectively, it is essential to take breaks regularly in the beginning as that keeps your motivational levels high or otherwise the learning curve will fall flat.

One big mistake made by many students is to try to use only one hand when they are playing piano. Just imagine taking your one hand from left to right in search of the right key. Just as you cannot hope to type quickly on a keyboard so is the case with a piano. Using both hands is much easier. If you do not make the right sound and miss a few keys in the beginning, do not bother. Everything will fall in place once you become habitual playing piano with both hands.

Try to play with your ears. This is fun and you will learn this way quickly. Instead of trying to play with the help of a printed piece of paper, just imagine the tune and try to strike the right keys. You will make funny sounds in the beginning, but eventually you will get closer and you will be amazed that you learn piano faster this way. Once upon a time, piano lessons would involve trekking to your local piano teacher each week. But, since the advent of the home computer and the internet, budding pianists can learn piano online. So what was once a weekly chore is now much more in the control of the budding pianist.

The internet really is changing the way music is being taught and making all kinds of new possibilities available at the click of a mouse. And, whereas traditional piano lessons can be very expensive, learning to play the piano online is extremely cost effective.

Not only that but, whereas going to your local piano teacher would probably involve learning all about classical music and classical folk songs, taking lessons online opens up a whole new range of musical styles you can learn. And with the internet comes a completely new attitude to learning to play which often seemed alien to your local piano teacher. I refer to actually having fun while learning to play!

So go online and do a search for ‘piano lessons’, or a related search term, and see what you can find. You’ll discover all kinds of learning options, including videos, audios, ebooks, interactive software programs and musical games aimed at teaching you different aspects of playing piano.

A huge advantage of online tuition is that much of the material provided can be viewed again and again, simply by replaying a video or rerunning an exercise game. Yes, you will still have to practice your scales and learn about chords and arpeggios, but you can do so at your own pace.

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